Apply to Exhibit at #StartupSouth4

By popular demand, #StartupSouth4 debuts exhibition. We had exhibition at #StartupSouth3 but it was mostly unstructured. We are making booths available for interested businesses looking to showcase their products and services.

If you have innovative products/services and would want to showcase to the over two thousand strong audience expected at #StartupSoth4 – this is your opportunity.

The spaces are Free and limited but you will be required to pay for the booth if you need one. If you don’t need a booth and you are approved to exhibit, you only need to come with your materials. Additional information will be communicated once you are approved.

To apply, use any of the following links:

1. Pay N35,000.00 for 2×2 Meters Booth here
2. Pay N45,000.00 for 3×2 Meters Booth here
3. Split (N22,500.00) 3×2 Meters Booth with someone (Subject to availability) here
4. Pay N60,000.00 for 3×3 Meters Booth here
5. Split (N30,000.00) 3×3 Meters Booth with someone (Subject to availability) here
4. Apply here if you don’t need a booth

* All applications are subject to availability and approval.
* We’d promptly refund you if you pay and don’t get approved
* Application Deadline is October 7, 2018.
* Approval is based on relevancy – we are looking for innovative products and services – not just another trade fair type of exhibition.

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