Christian Felder

Christian Felder is an experienced storyteller, creative and producer.

With 20 years of professional experience as DOP, editor and director for broadcasting and digital media productions, his clients include almost all renowned international broadcasters, agencies and major brands.

From his expertise as a compositor for virtual studios, visuals, design and graphics, his work increasingly leads to VR with trend-setting 360° storytelling: he integrates techniques of design thinking, experiments within the creative process with new perspectives and innovative technical methods that give viewers new food for thought.

Christian will be teaching about 30 youths in the South-South and South-East Immersive Content Creation via the Immersive Content Bootcamp.

The Immersive Content Bootcamp will hold on October 31 & November 1, 2018 shortly before #StartupSouth4 at Owerri. Know people that could benefit, share this link with them

Participants will learn to shoot/edit 360 Degree Video, Stitch cameras together, Color correct clips and add Graphics. They’d also lean to add necessary metadata to upload files to Youtube/Facebook and view films in HMD or Oculus Go.


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