Collins Onuegbu

Collins Onuegbu is a distinguished IT professional and investor with over two decades’ experience in the tech industry. He is the founder and executive vice-chairman of Signal Alliance – one of Nigeria’s most well-regarded IT service providers and an end-to-end system integrator. Collins is also the founder of Sasware, a technology investment subsidiary of Signal Alliance. Sasware provides seed investment to early stage startups in the technology industry. Sasware has invested in renewable energy companies, enterprise technology, health and financial technology.

Collins is a director at the Lagos Angel Network, a pioneer business angel network that is bridging the early stage funding gap for startups in Nigeria and Africa. The network has invested in early stage startups in tech, agriculture, and retail.

He is an expert in residence at the Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan Atlantic University. The Enterprise Development Center is the largest center for entrepreneurship development in Nigeria and has done extensive work for SME development in Nigeria in the past decade. He sits on the executive committee of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria and is the co-manager of the Tech Circle of the Harvard Business School Alumni, Nigeria. He is also the founder of DevEast, a not-for-profit focused on early child education and community entrepreneurship.

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