Obinnaya Uruakpa

Obinnaya C. Uruakpa is the CEO of Grand Renaissance International Limited (GRIL) – a management training and consultancy organisation. He is also the founder of Grand Renaissance Business School – where, together with his team of highly trained, tested entrepreneurs and business scholars provide practical business information and know-how to empower and nurture many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Committed to the service of God and humanity, Mr. Uruakpa brings his unique experience as a choice life coach and personal Development expert into his relentless resolve to touch lives. Having retired early from paid employment after a highly successful run in the insurance industry, he decided to commit his wealth of experience in Sales Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Management of Change and Entrepreneurship development to empower others. For over a decade, he has had the privilege of training over 5,000 public servants and private sector employees on topics as diverse as Pensions, Pre-retirement, Public Procurement, Managing Personal Finances, Personal/ Corporate Development, Personal Effectiveness, public speaking & Marketing.

In 2012, he acquired a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from the prestigious Pan- Atlantic University’s Enterprise Development Centre (EDC).

His numerous work and achievement with GRIL have earned him further approvals to work with governments at Local, State and Federal levels on an initiative captioned Project TEN. The aim of The Entrepreneurial Nation project is to drive and promote not only the theory of entrepreneurship but to entrench sound practice of it in every nook and cranny of the globe, starting with the developing nations.
An erudite speaker, Obinnaya C. Uruakpa will be on the SESOP Panel at #StartupSouth4 to discuss considerations on transitioning to a digital economy.

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