#Hackvotes – Apply to Solve Nigeria’s Voters Apathy Issues

#HackVotes hackathon is looking for tech solutions by Students to solve Nigeria’s Voters’ Apathy issues. Teams will be required to demonstrate effectiveness of their solution and show a clear-cut plan for mass adoption.

Experts believe part of Nigeria’s perennial economic under performance is due to ineffective or poor quality Leadership. The process of leadership selection through the ballot box suffer from a huge voters apathy leading to low turnout on election days.

The winning candidate in the 2015 election scored approximately 15Million votes against his opponent’s 13Million but the total votes cast was less than 50% of the total registered voters.

Poor Voters turnout in some ways create room for irregularities and manipulations of election data by officials and political party agents – thereby subverting the true will of the people.

Some causes of Voter Apathy include but not limited to:
1. Lack of Faith in the electoral system
2. Fear of violence at the polling units
3. Inadequate or insufficient voter registration arrangements and lack of cards.
4. Voters Inability to retrieve duly registered or missing voters card.

How to Apply
* Teams of Three (Maximum) will be required to pitch their ideas/demonstrate competence.
* Be available to attend the Hackathon between October 30 – November 2, 2018
* Complete this Application form here before October 9, 2018.
* Be ready to make a Final presentation at #StartupSouth4 Conference in Owerri on November 2, 2018.
* Priority will be given to Girls/Teams with at least a Girl

DISCLAIMER: This project is part Civic and part Educational. All activities will be conducted without favor or disfavor to any political party or candidate. All participants, while engaged in this Hackathon will not involve in expression of support for or opposition to any particular party or candidate for public office.

Apply Here

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