Off-Grid Energy: The Business, Prospects and Challenges

Off-Grid Energy Session will explore the challenges and opportunities in the Off-Grid Energy sector.

India recently celebrated 100% electrification of every village in India. Nigeria still suffer greatly from inadequate power generation – but even worse is the lack of (or decrepit) distribution infrastructure. This ensures that the generated power is not completely evacuated.

Experts have advised Off-Grid and modular power generation and distribution as the solution – but what are the opportunities and challenges. Where can Off-Grid Energy Startups find funding to scale? This session will feature top industry experts and analysts with several years of experience.

Techcabal’s Olanrewaju Odunowo will be anchoring the session. Lanre is currently focused on researching the renewable energy industry in Africa. He has interviewed and spoken with quite a number of founders of local and international renewable energy startups operating in Africa.

Media Partners for this session is Techcabal


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