#StartupSouth4 Usable UX Masterclass

The Usable UX Masterclass at #StartupSouth4 will cover the process of taking product ideas from concept to launch, including sketching, user testing, prototyping, and making continuous improvements after launch to keep your users engaged and satisfied. The Masterclass comes up on October 31 and November 1, 2018 at Owerri, Imo State. Click here to apply.

In recent years, design and user-centered thinking have been embraced by business leaders–not just as a way to do design, but as a way to create an effective product development strategy. By attending this class with your cross-functional team, you will learn basic user-centered design processes and how to apply them throughout your entire product development cycle.

Who Can Attend Usable UX Masterclass?

This class is geared towards startups and companies that are relatively new to the UX discipline, and would like to improve their product development and shipping process with design thinking, and to establish a more user-centered process. We encourage teams of 3-5 stakeholders representing a wide range of functions (engineers, product managers, designers) to attend. Attendance is limited, so complete the application form to be considered. Applications will close on October 20th.

Please note:
If selected, your team will be required to complete a pre-workshop exercise prior to the first day of class.
Also, you and your team are responsible for transporting yourselves to the venue.If you are coming from outside of Owerri, you are also responsible for securing accommodation. Breakfast and Lunch will be served at the venue.

This Masterclass is sponsored by Google Developers and facilitated by Usable team.


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